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Trayvoning. It’s gonna be big.

It’s always dumb white kids who get s00per offended when you point out their racism.
/quietly waits for anon hate: “OMG IT’S JUST A JOKE SHUT UP BITCH!!!11!!!”

I fail to see how anyone with the slightest inkling of a conscience could find this remotely funny.

I honestly cannot even believe that this has become a joke.

Can we report these ignorant douche bags?

An innocent human being was murdered because of ignorance and hate and you’re honestly going to make a joke out of it?
Go to hell.

I’m laughing. Mainly at everyone else’s stupidity.

I think it’s funny as fuck.
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    is it strange that I don’t really find this offensive and instead rather motivating? when i say that, i mean motivating...
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    Uh oh…
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    ok this just took out all the funny i was feeling after watching archer. -_-
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    fuck this guy
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    Wow. Some people are just really fucking stupid. This is beyond fucked up.
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    aaaare you fucking serious???
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    Wait Are people seriously joking about this???
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    Wow, psychopathy. So edgy. Go fuck yourselves you racist dicks.
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    …. I…. I…. I wish there was a cage in which I could collect all my people in and lock them there. And then push it off a...
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    Memo to people who find this shit funny, if you find “jokes” about a kid’s murder funny along with the rape jokes and...
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    Go gargle a cup of bile, you racist piece of shit.
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    Will someone complete this with the fatal bullet? Anyone?
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    anyone that agrees with that “trayvoning” bs can suck on chainsaw
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    white people -___-
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    I wouldn’t be mad if a bulldozer suddenly fell on him.. I wouldn’t be mad at all
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    Dear affronted white boy; Racism is a primarily hierarchical construct that arbitrarily assigns human worth on the basis...
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    Dear op and person in the pic, I hope you never have to go through what Trayvon did, nor what his parents and family...
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    I think it’s funny as fuck.
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